CP'23 - Preprocessing for Multi-Objective MaxSAT

Material regarding my presentation @ CP’23 about Preprocessing for SAT-Based Multi-Objective Combinatorial Optimization.

  1. Abstract

    Building on Boolean satisfiability (SAT) and maximum satisfiability (MaxSAT) solving algorithms, several approaches to computing Pareto-optimal MaxSAT solutions under multiple objectives have been recently proposed. However, preprocessing in (Max)SAT-based multi-objective optimization remains so-far unexplored. Generalizing clause redundancy to the multi-objective setting, we establish provably-correct liftings of MaxSAT preprocessing techniques for multi-objective MaxSAT in terms of computing Pareto-optimal solutions. We also establish preservation of Pareto-MCSes—the multi-objective lifting of minimal correction sets tightly connected to optimal MaxSAT solutions—as a distinguishing feature between different redundancy notions in the multi-objective setting. Furthermore, we provide a first empirical evaluation of the effect of preprocessing on instance sizes and multi-objective MaxSAT solvers.


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