From Single-Objective to Bi-Objective Maximum Satisfiability Solving

From Single-Objective to Bi-Objective Maximum Satisfiability Solving
Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, 2024, (accepted for publication)
  1. Abstract

    The declarative approach is key to efficiently finding optimal solutions to various types of NP-hard real-world combinatorial optimization problems. Most work on practical declarative solvers—ranging from classical integer programming to finite-domain constraint optimization and maximum satisfiability (MaxSAT)—has focused on optimization under a single objective; fewer advances have been made towards efficient declarative techniques for multi-objective optimization problems. Motivated by significant recent advances in practical solvers for MaxSAT, in this work we develop BiOptSat, an exact declarative approach for finding Pareto-optimal solutions to bi-objective optimization problems, with propositional logic as the underlying constraint language. BiOptSat can be viewed as an instantiation of the lexicographic method. The approach makes use of a single Boolean satisfiability solver that is incrementally employed throughout the entire search procedure, allowing for finding a single Pareto-optimal solution, finding one representative solution for each non-dominated point, and enumerating all Pareto-optimal solutions. We detail several algorithmic instantiations of BiOptSat, each building on recent algorithms proposed for single-objective MaxSAT. We empirically evaluate the instantiations compared to recently-proposed alternative approaches to multi-objective MaxSAT solving on several real-world domains from the literature, showing the practical benefits of our approach.


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